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Difficulty is miracle in its first stage.  But for great miracles, the condition is not difficulty but impossibility.


My new novel, Strange Journey, will be represented by Keely Boeving, a terrific literary agent for WordServe Literary Group.  Keely is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where she studied English and graduated with High Honors. While at UVA, she got her start in copyediting and editing at the daily newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, where she worked as an associate copyeditor, staff writer, section editor, and columnist.  

In 2010, Keely attended the publishing program at the Denver Publishing Institute and then relocated to New York, where she lived for nearly five years.  While there, she worked at Bloomsbury Publishing, Russell & Volkening Literary Agency, and Oxford University Press.  

Kelly currently serves as as associate agent for WordServe Literary Group (www.wordserveliterary.com).  She also works as a freelance editor and copyeditor for a variety of clients, publishers and agents.  Visit her at: www.keelyboeving.com. 


After an orphaned boy with a fascination for computer chess goes to live with his reclusive uncle, he discovers a photo that leads them on a perilous and unforgettable journey to the highlands of Bolivia, where they find themselves at the center of a political plot that threatens their very lives.

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