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Difficulty is miracle in its first stage.  But for great miracles, the condition is not difficulty but impossibility.


After graduating with honors from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan Law School, I went on to make partner in a large international law firm.  After retiring a little earlier than most, I began writing in my spare time.  My 21 book series, The Jake Stone Thrillers, has sold nearly 70,000 copies to date, and I have penned a variety of other novels, including thrillers, adventure stories and a few tales that would be hard to categorize.  You can read all about them at my other blog, tlpeters.blogspot.com.

I enjoy playing the violin and giving my dog long walks in the woods.  I also like to play chess online, which informed the content of my new novel, Strange Journey, as did my extensive travels through Bolivia, where I quickly learned to admire this ancient and mysterious land with its rugged countryside and colorful people.

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